Process is everything! If you have a good technical team, good development environmnet and using the right tools, but you do not manage your process carefuly, you may result in big and complex problems of undelivered system, unreliable system, untrusted results, alot of customers complaints,... and a very negative impact on your bussiness.

Many large software systems failed due to problems in their process management. Software projects are very special type of engineering projects. It dramatically differs from other engineering projects like products manufacturing or construction projects. The main difference is: in software projects we manufacture the logic! Yes, we listen carefuly to customers needs and describe it more careful to machines. Logic evolves and changed many times. Responding to these changes is a great challenge for every software system.

In the last decade a new methodology in software development was invented to get the software development projects back to the right track and deal with them as unique engineering projects. This methodology is the agile methodology.

Agile methodology received its success from the values stated in the agile manifesto in which agile process founders values:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

The key concepts that makes agile process fits software projects are:

  • Iterative nature: Building products one small piece at a time.
  • Continous delivery of working software: Working software is the only progress measure.
  • Customer collaboration and feedback: Customer is one of the team from the first day of the project.
  • Welcoming changes and giving the right responses for them.
  • Agile team: A cross-functional team that is trained on a set of high-productive agile practices.

Process starts with values down to principles down to practices. At HDBC we decided to define our values constant for all of our customers to be: delivering a high-quality solutions to add a real value. Starting from this value we selected our practices carefuly from a large number of practices to fit each project.

By following our process you find your product working from day one and growing every day in a way you can plan for the near and strategic goals. Our process solves your problems one by one according to your priorities to enjoy your success journey.

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