House Of Development and Bussiness Creativity

House of Development & Business Creativity, HDBC, is a technology company utilizes digital innovations to improve businesses and communities.

Who We Are

House of Development & Business Creativity, HDBC, is a technology company utilizes digital innovations to improve businesses and communities. HDBC is a software house with business consultation power that helps business leaders and entrepreneurs to realize their ideas and plans. HDBC has established with a solid science, engineering and business background. We have no borders in using (and mixing) different new technologies to find out a useful innovation that impact global community.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide globally remarkable digital innovations that change the human biengs to a better state.

Our Values

Our Values contains and not limited to:

1- Provide honest cosultation to our customers and partners.

2- Mastering what we do to provide high quality products.

3- Provide the latest suitable technology to solve business problems.

4- Trying to be innovative in each piece of code.

5- Being transparent with our customers and update them with the true state of their projects.

6- Professional project management and communications.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to utilize digital innovations to serve businesses and communities.

Our Amazing Services

What we provide for you

Web Applications

HDBC offers an excellent web development service for you

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Mobile Applications

HDBC offers you a dream mobile applications development with the following features

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Digital Transformation

Our commitment is to provide systems capable of transforming service to be a remarkable experience for your customers, employees and you, wherever you

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Digital Entrepreneurs support

HDBC helps Entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams by our long term customized services for digital ideas including business development consulting and

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HDBC has developed an engine for content managment system. 

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Enterprise Resource Plaining System composed of highly-customizable modules for: Inventory, Purchasing, Sales, Accounting, HR, Operations.

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Customer Relationship Management System for managing salesmen targets, old customers relationship and new leads.

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Software Projects Consultation

We provide you with the technology consultation you need. If you have a complex software project or you intended to build a software team and you need

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